I am married with two kids, and the problem I was facing before my wedding has affected a lot of individuals all over the world. A year after getting a promotion at my workplace my husband and I decided that we will officiate our wedding. Although we were happily married with two kids, we had not officiated our wedding, which was an issue that made my mother keep on complaining about. After deciding that we will have an official wedding in five months time, I started preparing early for the big day. I informed my friends and workmates who were very excited.

One evening I asked my best friend Christine to take me shopping. As we were trying on some clothes, is when I became fully aware of the seriousness of the problem that I had dismissed for a long time. I noticed that Christine’s eyes were glued on my belly for a while and after a minute or so she broke the silence – pointing at my sagging belly and saying, “what are you going to do about this?” Christine is one of those individuals who does not beat around the bush. Although I had maintained a good workout routine which included jogging every morning and hours of training at the gym throughout the week, my belly did not stop sagging since my second delivery. Things become worse after I got a promotion and started spending more hours at the office.

The loose belly had affected my life in many ways, but I always ignored it to avoid stressing myself out. I had also noticed that my husband was not all over me anymore although no one talked about it. I had stopped attending beach and pool parties since I could no longer slip into those bikinis in public. Now that my wedding was several months I could not stop thinking about my problem. I knew that I had to find a solution quickly before things got worse. Working out and dieting was not doing any good a factor that made me more worried. Christine was very supportive and was always consulting with her friends whether they knew any effective way getting rid of excess body fats.

A week later after Christine confronted me; she called and asked to meet me at our coffee joint since she had a surprise for me. I thought she was joking just like the other times, so I got there a couple of minutes late. Before I could seat, I noticed that she had a bright face as if she had won a lottery. She handed me a brochure from Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center. At fast the word surgery made me shiver, but I kept on reading. The brochure contained information on various services offered at Heartland Plastic Surgery, but the one that caught my attention was CoolSculpting. After reading the details of the procedure, I knew that was what I exactly needed. The brochure mentioned that it was a procedure that helps to get rid of excess fat without undergoing surgery. Without wasting time, I called them and booked an appointed that was scheduled for the next day.

Later that day after going home, I did a little research on CoolSculpting so that I could get an idea on what to ask the doctor the following day. The following day I went to the heartland plastic surgery center at around midday where I was welcomed cheerfully by a nurse who directed me to Dr. Cherny. The doctor was calm, friendly and well organized. The more I heard about CoolSculpting during our conversation, the more I was surprised. The doctor answered all of my questions in a detailed and composed manner a factor that made me have a lot of confidence with them.

The doctor pointed out that CoolSculpting is a unique medical procedure that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells. My mind was blown when I heard that once the excess fat is gone, it is for good thus it is a long term solution. Also, I knew that I would trust the procedure since it is FDA approved. After having my second delivery through C-section procedure, I developed a phobia for any procedure that involved surgery thus I found CoolSculpting being perfect for me.

I made arrangements to attend treatment session the same week since I did not want to waste any time. I had learned that it will take several weeks before significant results start showing up and with my wedding coming up in several months time I knew had enough time for my problem to be gone. I did not tell my husband what I was doing since I wanted it to be a surprise. He was working on night shifts while I was working during the day; thus, we did not spend much time together enough for him to notice the changes occurring on my body.

A treatment session took an hour, and the nurses were always there to help out whenever I needed anything. Surprisingly, I also met other individuals who were undergoing the same treatment to solve a problem similar to mine. In fact, I made several friends during the treatment some who attended my wedding. After several weeks, I started noticing significant changes on my body. My body looked as if it belonged to a college girl.

The treatment changed everything since the results I got were mind blowing. I developed a habit of spending some time in front a mirror wearing a bikini since I could not believe my eyes. One morning a week before our wedding I got from the shower and stood in front of the mirror to admire my sexy body something that I had been doing a while. I developed a feeling that someone was watching me, turning back I saw my husband with his eyes glued to my curvy body speechless. After a moment he said, “you look sexier than you looked when I married you!” That day he took me out swimming and a night out later. During the night out he confessed that I surprised with my outstanding transformation. We had a good time since then, and our wedding was perfect as I had wished.

Since my treatment, my husband does not keep his hand off me. I feel very secure since I do not fear that anyone will bring competition to my marriage. I have Dr Cherny and everyone at Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Des Moines to thank for they amazingly transformed my life. I can now comfortably go to the beach and attend pool parties in a bikini like I used to during my teenage years.